EMT Continuing Education

An emergency medical technician is constantly striving to stay up to date with the latest information regarding life-saving proficiencies and rescue methods.

EMT continuing education classes are the best way to keep current with emergency medicine practices. Continuing education is also a requirement for those who hold EMT licenses and want to continue in the emergency medical field. While the primary certification process must be done in person, EMT continuing education may be completed partially online. The Continuing Education Coordinating Board of Emergency Medical Services is the entity that approves both online and in-classroom courses for EMTs. If you have a hectic schedule, or it is an inconvenience for you to attend continuing education classes, you can complete some of the requirements from home on your computer, with internet access.

Every 2 years as a certified EMT, you will be required to complete 36 hours of refresher coursework and 36 hours of continuing education. Ten hours of refresher material and 24 hours of continuing education can be completed online in the privacy of your own home. The cycle of refresher courses and continuing education must be completed every 2 years. This is a requirement of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. EMT continuing education classes vary in price depending on number of hours.

For example:

  • For 24 hours or less, the class price is typically $65 (but might vary slightly by state)
  • Classes that range from 25 to 49 hours will typically cost you $120
  • Classes that last for more than 50 hours will cost you $175

These costs may be different from EMT continuing education courses that are offered online.