EMT Practice Tests

There is a vast array of EMT practice tests that will assist you with your journey towards EMT certification. The best resource for practice tests will be provided to you by a highly trained administrator during state approved EMT courses. Most relevant text books will have EMT practice tests in the back. You might also want to consider your local library. They will have practice testing guides; however, they may be outdated. Many test preparation companies offer EMT practice tests that are available to purchase online. These tests might be more useful to you than the traditional pencil and paper practice tests from a text book since online tests will be computerized just like the actual NREMT test. These may be broken down into categories, or they might be completely randomized. You may want to consider taking multiple practice tests to be fully prepared.

The 3 most important aspects to keep in mind when researching which EMT practice tests are right for you are:

  • Is the practice test current, with the most up-to-date information regarding EMT practices and regulations?
  • Is it in the same format (multiple choice with 4 answer choices per question) as the actual EMT test?
  • Will your answer guides come with clear explanations?

Once you have found a practice exam that provides a yes answer to all the above questions, you are ready to start preparing for the EMT testing process.