Preparing for EMT Test Questions

EMT test questions are multiple choice, containing 4 answer choices each. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians constructs these questions using Benjamin Bloom’s widely utilized method of testing.

This type of testing uses 6 categories:

  1. Knowledge, which is heavily reliant on memorization and recall
  2. Comprehension, which mostly focuses on interpretation and organization of information
  3. Application, which relies on problem solving
  4. Analysis, which basically breaks down the information you have been given in order to find underlying meaning
  5. Synthesis, which focuses on putting together the analyzed information into a new and unique idea
  6. Evaluation, or coming to conclusions or making decisions

Practice EMT certification questions may be found in the back of your EMT course text book. You can also find examples of EMT test questions online; or you may purchase online EMT practice tests in order to increase your chances of passing the EMT tests.

The actual examination will consist of questions that are all constructed in a similar fashion, using a popular method of test writing. This method starts with the test writer choosing a topic for each question. Then, the test writer will choose subcategories that are similar to the main topics in order to force you to read each question with a critical eye. Next, the test writer will identify common misconceptions associated with the original topics to add a bit of confusion to the EMT test questions. You need to understanding that there will always be 1 completely implausible choice, 2 plausible answers, and 1 correct answer. This will increase your odds of answering the EMT test questions correctly, based solely on your new found knowledge of test question writing.